A Powerful Tool To Help You Lose Weight
Forget about your worries and concerns; and relax. The work has been done for you.
All you have to do is write down everything you eat in “My Daily Food & Activity Diary” and
you will shed all the unwanted pounds from your body. It is that simple! Imagine the
look on everyone’s face as you become thin before their eyes.

Let us tell you about our experience with this method which has changed our lives. We
actually started writing down what we were eating long before it was fashionable;
we had no clue that we were actually training our minds to break old habits and start
being accountable for our actions. By seeing what we were consuming each day and
keeping track in our food diaries, we started to see instant results; it was mind
blowing. We gained back confidence and pleasure in the simple things. We also
began to accomplish other goals that were put on the back burner for so long. Our
family was so taken by the change taking place right before their eyes that they started
to keep a food journal and low and behold they too started losing weight. With
diabetes, thyroid conditions, and heart disease in our family, each of us struggled for
years trying to get control, with the food diary we are seeing results that have been up
to now, far out of reach.

The feeling was so genuine we had to get this important information to you in a form
that was tested, smart, and friendly. We revised the format for the book several times
until it was just right and solved all the problems most people encountered with
ordinary food journals, such as snacks, exercising multiple times during the day and a
format that keeps everything hassle free and legible so it's easy to review your
progress. We are sensing that you can’t wait to begin your life changing adventure. We
picture you finally wearing those cloths you never thought you would wear again. Now
is the opportunity, we are impressed with the fact that you are taking the time to view
this webpage and it shows me you are a winner. Usually people buy the first time they
visit our website because they either have heard about keeping a food diary or know
someone that has benefited from this method of weight loss. Ask yourself, “what am I
waiting for?” Don't waste another minute!
My Daily Food & Activity Diary
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My Daily Food & Activity Diary includes a 365 food journal where you can post meals, snacks
and activity. It also includes formulas for figuring out how many calories you need each day
and how many calories you burn during a certain type of activity. You’ll also find a Food
Content Information Guide which makes your personal diary a single source book that you
can use every day without having to reference cards and other literature to keep track of your
diet plan. Keeping a food diary works with any dietary management program for losing,
gaining and maintaining a healthy weight, training athletes, diabetics, and excellent for heart
healthy diet plans.My Daily Food & Activity Diary is the food journal of choice for trainers,
dietitians, nutritionists, and health professionals nationwide! Get on the road to success, the
simple, effective and proven way!
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